Ukraine Issues Demands to Israel– Money and Public Condemnation of Moscow


Excerpt: Ukraine has laid out a set of requests to “test” Israel’s support and commitments during a planned visit of foreign minister Eli Cohen to Kiev, according to several media reports citing unnamed Israeli and Ukrainian officials on Sunday.

Kiev sees the visit by the highest-ranking Israeli official in over a year as a good opportunity to verify the new Israeli government’s “intentions and policy” towards Ukraine, a diplomatic source told Axios. Cohen apparently asked for a meeting with President Vladimir Zelensky, but it may depend on whether the diplomat was ready to denounce Moscow in a public speech…

Ukraine also requested the approval of a $500 million loan, according to a separate report by the Walla news site. Israeli officials cited by Axios said that Cohen was ready to offer only $50 million…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his new cabinet would revise the country’s foreign policy in a way to make it more suited to its national interests instead of “giving in to dictates from the international community.” 

Unlike many Western countries, Israel has thus far not sent weapons to Ukraine and has only supplied Kiev with protective equipment, such as gas masks, flak jackets and helmets, as well armored ambulances and various humanitarian aid. In several recent interviews, Netanyahu dodged questions about whether Israel would provide any military aid to Kiev, saying he will “look into” everything as part of policy review.

And a handful of reactions–

Amio: Why shouldn’t Ukraine and Israel be united, they both hate people ,Israel hates the palestinian people ,Ukraine hates Russians ,the one thing they both have in common they get clean away with the hate and killing.

Critical: Once again spoiled children demanding! Ukraine is a disgusting corrupt hole that should cease to exist sooner than later.

Carol: Who provides humanitarian aid to the people of the Donbass, besides Russia and its allies?

Violating Social Media “Community Standards”


Excerpt: Facebook and Instagram have threatened to restrict or ban Project Veritas from their platforms, both owned by Meta, after a journalist confronted a senior YouTube official about the removal of a video about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines…

“YouTube took down our Pfizer exposé. YouTube gave us a strike and will not let us post for a week,” said James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas, in a video.

Facebook and Instagram warned Project Veritas that its video of Halprin violates “Community Standards.”

“We have these standards because we want everyone to feel safe, respected, and welcome,” the warning said. “If your content goes against our Community Standards again, your account may be restricted or disabled.”

“A Pfizer director talking about mutating viruses, and you don’t want the American public or the world to know about it. Why not?” Hartsock asked, following the question up by asking if Halprin has “any ethical responsibility” to people all around the world.

“Why does the public not deserve to see that videotape?” Hartsock asked.

Halprin remained silent throughout the inquiries, only speaking at one point to say: “You touched me. That’s not something you want to do.” Hartsock asked if that was a threat, to which Halprin responded: “No. I just said I’d call the police if you accost me.”

Here are some of the comments–

Alex: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

– Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany Minister of Propaganda

speedy: Project Veritas does what “60 Minutes” and others of the ilk claim to have done years ago.  But “60 Minutes” only targets were conservatives and companies that got in the way of “Tribal” matters.  As a matter of fact, almost all the “60 minutes” journos were members of the Tribe.  Has anyone ever done a study on the stock market impact of investigations on public companies?  Did Tribal concerns short those stocks?  Acquire those companies?  Were they competitors of those companies?  Where is the data?

bshirley: No news flows over this sites unless it has been pre-approved.  If you think project Veritas has “released” information not already approved for release, by those that control the flow of information, then you are the mark.

Snaff: I’ve been doing that forever, unfortunately, the under 40 crowd is so obsessed with social media that all they do is stare into their phones all day long.  

Is it any wonder that 70 percent of Americans are so dumbed down and believe any propaganda these kooks put out?

Bald: The number of civil lawsuits against the COVID Accomplices, for protecting mass murders grow by the hour. 

*** I doubt the lawsuits will go anywhere. ***

Rizzo: Facebook and Instagram owner Meta largest shareholders: Vanguard, Blackrock, etc.

Google largest shareholders (Veritas banned on youtube): Vanguard, Blackrock, etc.

Pfizer largest shareholders: Vanguard, Blackrock, etc.

CNN owning warner bros largest shareholders: Vanguard, Blackrock, etc.

It is an utter twist that 50 years after the end of gold standard, capitalism devoured itself into communism where a few money managers own and control everything.

Ukrainian Officials Call For a Ban on all Russian and Belarusian Athletes From the Paris 2024 Olympic Summer Games


Excerpt: Amid calls from Ukrainian officials to ban all Russian and Belarusian athletes from the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic summer games, the White House has issued a statement saying it agrees with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) policy of allowing the two countries to compete under a neutral flag…

But Kiev has consistently demanded that it’s for Russia to suffer “complete isolation” on the world stage, including at international sporting events. President Zelensky in a December phone call with IOC president Thomas Bach requested that Russia not even be able to participate as a neutral team.

And a few reactions–

Inflation: Maybe Russia doesn’t want to have their women compete with dudes?

*** I’m wondering if a lot of female Russian athletes could beat soy-boy American males in most any sport. ***

MisterE: Russia helped the United States against the BRITISH both during the revolution and the Civil War… note the common enemy “England.”   Which England has always been.  

Which is why today the traders and trainees in the US government today totally love the UK and totally hate Russia. 

the real enemy is within… if our government wasn’t infiltrated inside out, we would make common-sense, level-headed decisions and cooperate with other nations in doing so.

Instead, we are acting exactly as England has acted for half a century or more: Imperialistic, Millennium, and relentlessly murderous.

Vegas: Who is sending Slavic Ukrainians to die for the financial and geo political interests of the west? Zelensky and his defense minister are from an entirely different ethnicity. One that cannot be openly criticized so I will leave it to the reader to fill in the blank. Sacrificing thousands of young Slavs is easy for them. They feel it is justified for them to die for their masters interests. They have been taught from birth to feel this way.  

Vegas: In this case it clearly is about the J’s. It has always been a lie that the Ukrainians could defeat the Russians but the wests  (yes, largely controlled by the J’s) plan is to bleed the Russians dry by using the Ukies as canon fodder. Who would conduct such a monstrous strategy?  People who don’t give a sh%t if a quarter million young Ukrainians are killed in the process. And we both know who that is.

*** The suffering and even genocide of everyone else is insignificant. Zionist 102 ***

Anth: Ukrainians are some arrogant mother ****ers.

I’m really starting to not like them at all.

Lesko: It’s mostly the little midget.

Orly: Hardly. That’s like saying Americans are like Vickie Nudelman and they are all pompous delusional war-mongers. C’mon, man.

Patrick: Zelensky. Who does he think he is? Ruler of the world? This guy definitely needs to be given his pink slip and asked to quietly retire to his multi million dollar villa on the Riviera, that he got from milking dry the Ukrainian.

Krink: Russian women beating American men pretending to be women would be embarrassing.

MrB: Such nonsense.  I’m embarrassed being American sometimes.

Colorado: Russia says the US should compete at the Olympics under the Israeli flag, resists Ban!

Howdy: I’m  not sure. Maybe it should compete under the ISIS flag, its greatest proxy force in support of its foreign policy.

Serot: The IOC can always allow the outstanding athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete.

However when it comes to scoring those same athletes, then the Russian athlete who should have earned a Gold Medal will be lucky if they receive a Bronze.

The IOC is fully politicized, and Russia, China, Belarus, or any other Eastern Bloc nation will be discriminated against.

Ubridled Imperialist Wars and Abuse of Financial Controls


Excerpt: The war in Ukraine is not just about Ukraine and Russia with the U.S. and NATO acting as seemingly benevolent supporters of Ukraine, as the Western media portray.

The United States and its NATO allies are deeply involved in the conflict…

The military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 – after 20 years of futile occupation – was a calculated “reorganization of firepower” against Russia, says Pepe Escobar.

Ukraine is merely a proxy and ultimately cannon fodder for American imperial planners.

This war is part of a bigger geopolitical confrontation between the U.S. and Russia, China and other nations that are pushing for the emergence of a multipolar world. That is a multipolar world no longer under the hegemony of U.S.-dominated Western capitalism…

That postwar imperial order – euphemistically called the “rules-based order” – is increasingly falling into disrepute from unbridled imperialist wars and abuse of financial controls.

The vast majority of the planet wants liberation from the U.S./Western warmongering system that underpins capitalist exploitation that only enriches a global elite. The war in Ukraine is but the manifestation of the breakdown in U.S. global power and the desperation to preserve the systematic inequality that defines capitalism.

This year is fraught with extreme danger, says Pepe Escobar. But if the psychotic U.S. deep-state planners can be contained by Russia and China without an all-out catastrophic war erupting then there is a chance of a more hopeful, peaceful and just world order emerging.

And some of the reactions–

Maddy: They are probably itching to send boots on the ground, but how, is their big dilemma. Their usual propaganda and brain washing probably won’t work as before. Young men won’t want to go fight somebody else fight.

Baba: There should be no globalism and hegemony on our planet. Globalism and hegemony lead humanity to slavery.

jb: Typical drivel that avoids the ethnic element. Ukraine is a slavic christian country but its government is overwhelmingly jewish. Jewish males were allowed to leave the country and thereby to avoid fighting. The people in the US pushing this war are **** and zelensky openly said ukraine will be a second israel.

*** Don’t you know that there’s a certain group of people just plain born more significant and important than others. God wants the rest of the world to be slaves to their agenda. Zionism 101. ***

36DD: The west is corrupt, Russia is corrupt, and China is corrupt. The best we can hope for is all three keep each other in check.  

Duck: They have big plans, but how are they going to raise a military force to do it?  Nobody in their right mind wants to join and fight these stupid wars, especially for these stupid people.

rum: Victoria Nuland is an incompetent idiot and her chicken hawk husband are smoking from the same crack pipe.

These two idiots thought because they won in Iraq they’d win in Ukraine too. What a bunch of morons. These two couldn’t drive a Tesla on autopilot, let alone US foreign policy/

Trog: How dare you question your “betters”!  /s

CAPT: Nuland and her flying monkeys are some of the most evil people on the planet. 

Dust: The US like the west in general is socialist and a combination of the merger of government and business called Fascism. Many Americans are waking up to the fact democracy does not exist nor the rule of law and the US with it constant war to enrich a few is simply a criminal enterprise posing as a government. They have mismanaged to the point that we are collapsing as the debt based system will not last and we are headed for the crash and burn. Most legitimate and honest analyst will tell you that as government is taking all resources to keep itself afloat, again Fascism is destroying us.

Rubi: You give these tribal members like Victoria Nuland, Robert Khagan and Madeline Albright a little power, and suddenly they turn into human Monsters. Dismember that power and they would have to behave like real people.

Trog: Maybe … but psychopaths don’t change once they lose power – they don’t suddenly become good people – they just look for another path to gain it again.

Hane: The problem with the West is that there’s no ‘there’ there. Everything has become fake. Just a facade covering nothing behind it. The people cardboard cutoffs of what real people used to be. Mindless cardboard.

Trog: The scumbags running the show don’t give a **** about US Debt – they’re “globalists” – what they are doing is siphoning off wealth and sloughing the debt off on the populations.  They no more care about destroying the US than a tick does about killing the dog it’s on.

Vince: If the the US/Western Cartel wants to maintain it’s dominant position, they would not be trashing the US Home base.

Flooding the country with millions of illegals, Stressing out the economy, letting the infrastructure fall apart, Trashing the Dollar with massive inflationary spending, turning the military into  a Transgender joke, nixing the pipelines … all of this makes the US and the dollar weaker, not stronger.

Ukraine does present the opportunity to force Russia into massive spending, Kill off white Christians, empty the current occupants out of Ukraine, and distract attention away from the real enemy of the US >>> the CCP.

jb: Does china want to kill white christians in ukraine? Or is it another group of backstabbers? Is zelensky chinese or jewish?

muh: Neo-cons and Neo-libs have united and are simply now pushing a fascist agenda to implement the so called ‘new world order’.  Corporatism and government merge and, along with a newly minted ESG reward model, strip long standing human and civil rights from the people.  The US constitution is toilet paper to the fascist overlords running the country today.

Germans Told They’re Using Too Much Gas


Excerpt: German households and businesses failed to save enough natural gas in the second half of last month, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has warned.

Agency president Klaus Mueller tweeted on Friday that consumers only saved 8.6% in the last week of January, compared to average levels between 2018 and 2021, and 14% when taking colder temperatures into account.

The regulator previously said Germany needs to slash gas consumption by at least 20% to help offset the loss of supplies from Russia.

The German Economy Ministry stated last month that Berlin was years away from replacing Russian fuel. Official data showed that the country imported 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) of Russian gas in 2021, more than half of its total purchases…

And a few of the reactions–

woody: Are the Germans going to let their politicians talk to them like that? I can assure you that the politicians have all the heat they want, and all of the electricity and gasoline. No shortages for them.

*** TPTB are getting richer off this damn war. ***

Alex: Gas Prices are so high in America everyone is using credit cards to survive

woody:  If I don’t have the money, I can’t afford it. Credit cards are USURY, they open you up to identity theft, and you lose your financial privacy.

OneHorse: Germany is in this disgraceful situation due to its government.

Flutter: Germany is an indentured government to the USA.

alberta: Notice that all global Central Banks are more concerned about their effect on the local stock markets than the ability of people to afford to buy Food & Housing Now you have the American government giving away $45 billion USD to the Dwarf each and every month while people cant afford to buy FOOD & Pay their Housing.

peter: I am trying to think what the main purpose of government is. Oh yes ! The main purpose of government is to provide GOOD government to it’s citizens. Clearly German leaders are failing here because one would think cheap and affordable energy is an example of good government.

Dele: Their Nazi brothers across the Atlantic Ocean can always supply them excess freedom gas, at four times the local price.

Historian: usa got exemption to buy russian gas, they will even deliver directly to britain, at that 4x price

D-FENS: Ye must all sacrifice, that the kings may play their sport of war.

Richard: Same old problem. Politicians cause the problem because of a combination of their ideology and intransigence then blame the people, anyone other than themselves.

Aware: Hey Germans, please make asymmetrical warfare against your own zionist occupied government (ZOG) and USE AS MUCH GAS AS YOU CAN. You will NOT run out of gas – your criminal govt will ensure you have enough, for if you do run out then all hell will break loose in Germany and heads will roll, their heads, and THAT is the thing they fear the most. Maybe that’s the best shot of getting your govt to co-operate with Russia again.

The Real War is in Currencies?


Excerpt: In the war between the western alliance and the Asian axis, the media focus is on the Ukrainian battlefield. The real war is in currencies, with Russia capable of destroying the dollar…

So far, Putin’s actions have been relatively passive. But already, both Russia and China have accumulated enough gold to implement gold standards. It is now overwhelmingly in their interests to do so…

With a new round of military action in Ukraine shortly to kick off, it will be in Putin’s interest to move from passivity to financial aggression. It will not take much for him to undermine the entire western fiat currency system — a danger barely recognised by a gung-ho NATO military complex…

For the Russian and Chinese axis, the restoration of commercial relations with Germany’s manufacturing-based economy would be of obvious mutual benefits. Equally, it would lead to the death of the EU in its current form. Perhaps it is Germany’s position in all this which is driving America and its NATO establishment towards do-or-die conflicts over Ukraine.

We should take a step back and look at this from Germany’s point of view. Since her defeat in the Second World War, Germany has been central to NATO’s existence…

Clearly, Germany’s commercial ethos has more in common with the industrial revolution being planned by the Asian axis and their emerging plans for sound money than it has with most of her EU partners. If only Germany was free of US political control, in time she could establish a new Hanseatic League, a trade corridor from Eastern Europe encompassing the Baltics and Netherlands. It is considerations of this sort that must make the US establishment determined to not release its grip over Germany and the wider EU…

Sanctioning her was meant to cripple Russia, instead it crippled the western alliance while the rouble turned in the strongest currency performance in 2022. And western media still claims that Russia is suffering unaffordable losses of trade revenue, at a time of exceptional military expenditure.

Obviously, there is some truth in this. But Russia’s underlying economy is far healthier than we have been led to believe. And despite massive military spending commitments, last year Russia’s budget deficit was only 2.3% of GDP, compared with the US’s 5.4%. The economic consequences of war has benefited Russia through higher energy prices, while it has cost the western alliance in price inflation and higher interest rates. Russia should have no trouble financing a 2023 deficit of 2.3% or more by borrowing in domestic markets, without undermining the rouble, while the financial consequences for the alliance of a new conflict are potentially catastrophic…

Clearly, the western alliance’s financial system is already in deep trouble. The consequences of a resumption in Ukrainian hostilities are likely to destabilise it entirely. Unless the Russians are prepared to rescue the alliance from its own follies, the western alliance’s financial system is doomed. The only question is how rapidly its destruction will be realised…

The distinguishing feature of the Asian axis is that their economies are production oriented, with financial activities predominantly supporting non-financial activities with minimal financial speculation. This is fundamentally different from the western alliance, which has exported its supply chains into the Asian axis, has proportionally larger service sectors, and finance sectors engaged in speculative bubbles…

By investing in transport facilities, electricity production and distribution, as well as general communications China plans to create markets for itself through encouraging the industrialisation of the entire continent. There will be rapid economic growth in populous India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. China has secured the energy and other resources necessary from Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Thanks to sanctions against Russia by the western alliance, Russia has been prepared to supply oil and gas to Asian nations at substantial discounts to global market prices for the relative benefit of the entire continent. Furthermore, the Asia intends to continue using fossil fuels, while the alliance is reducing its efficiency and global competitiveness by banning fossil fuels and investing in less efficient and often impractical green energy. The ambition is to improve the living standards of 3.8 billion Asians directly, benefiting a further billion in Africa, and a further billion or so in Latin America and elsewhere.

Here are a few of the comments–

Pro: Good information and analysis as always from McCleod.

However, he fails to mention that Germany, the entire EU, and the US GOVERNMENTS – are all firmly within the clutches of the zionist Straussian neocons. 

And they are demonically driven by their vein-popping hatred for Russia, which is so all-consuming that the economic costs or cost in human lives is no concern at all. 

Set: If it weren’t for these morons in the military and banks – none of this made up bull **** would exists. 

*** War profiteering is sick. ***

MrNo: The modern world needs oil.  Russia has it and produces it.  Globalization is disintegrating.  Russia has a rich history and culture. 

*** The U.S.A. had a much richer history and culture before Zionism took over. ***

rph: Don’t call Germany a “her” Germany is a man, even if America think he have neutered him long ago, It is Vaterland, not Mutterland.

Vasil: The false solution is always war. Works superficially short term but degrades and dissolves society and culture.

UK and Canada Used Army Psyops Units to Target ‘Disinformation’


Excerpt: Thanks to a whistleblower, we now know that critics of Covid-19-related lockdowns and vaccine mandates — including prominent journalists and politicians — were monitored by the UK army’s information warfare brigade. 

One of the military units reportedly deployed in the activity was the 77th Brigade, created in 2015 and described by the media at the time as comprised of “warriors who don’t just carry weapons, but who are also skilled in using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and the dark arts of “psyops” – psychological operations.” 

These big guns — backed by artificial intelligence surveillance tools — were trained on experts and authoritative voices who deviated from the conventional Covid-related narratives promoted by the state, with the collected data used to craft government propaganda. As we now know, any dissent during this period was often dismissed as disinformation, quashing legitimate scientific debate along with conspiracy theories and harmful misconceptions…

Last April, US President Joe Biden tried to create a new “Disinformation Governance Board” under the Department of Homeland Security, headed up by a former communications advisor to the Ukrainian foreign ministry — a move so grotesquely biased that the whole project was eventually scrapped. That doesn’t mean that domestic information warfare activities have stopped, though. DHS came into existence itself under the pretext of better coordinating national security for the global war on terror. And now that surveillance arsenal is used on citizens who merely have different views.

If dissent is on the rise, as Hugonet fears, then it’s a clear sign of disconnect between the democratic will of the people and those elected to serve them. Which begs the question — who exactly are these elected officials answering to, if not the people? For all their constant talk of freedom and transparency, Western officials have become obsessed with manufacturing consent, and clearly willing to deploy the army to enforce it. They denounce and sanction other nations for authoritarianism, while ignoring that they’re becoming what they claim to loathe.

Here are a handful of comments–

Yin: Lucky for us that we’re talking about UK and Canada military grade propaganda, because that’s why it isn’t working. It’s not working in the US either. When was the last time the western military was successful at anything?

Eric: It’s always reassuring when a nameless “whistleblower” tells us commoners what is going on, when the savvy of us commoners already know exactly what going on with terror-ops/money-grab-scams like the covid crap perpetrated by the Jewish overlords.

Joe: Western democracies are NOT democracies. They pose as though they are because they’re great liars and continue to lull the naive and gullible into believing it. I haven’t seen any credible evidence for the past 25 years that Canada is a democracy. And the USA even less so. Once a person looks seriously at our political system one sees only AUTOCRACY.

JB: Don’t trust Jew run media. Done and done.

Voix: The hyped up Covid farce was a test case by Zionist police states on the Palestine repression model to suppress any dissent as these corrupt Bilderberg puppets fall apart. The massive surveillance state, lockdowns, censorship, fines and imprisonment is just the tip of their evil iceberg.

Ev: Yes, this is one of the reasons I don’t use social media or watch TV. I was social distancing long before this Covid started. I can positively say that Covid has not affected me in any way so far. What I am trying to say is: if you’re looking for trouble then trouble will find you.

Dig: Their called corporate lobbyists all members of the fourth estate which is why the war machine is the most protected wealthiest Borg regime pigs on the planet. If they can’t buy you off all kinds of devious plots are headed your way. A trillion a year can by a loot of pigs, and death and destruction to keep it going.

Companies In UK Are Hitting The Wall 


Excerpt: As the price of everything, including debt, continues to soar, life is getting harder and harder for the UK’s heavily indebted businesses…

Business insolvencies in the UK surged by 57% in 2022, to 22,109, according to the latest data from the Insolvency Service, a UK government agency that deals with bankruptcies and companies in liquidation. It is the highest number of insolvencies registered annually since 2009, at the height of the Global Financial Crisis.

Last year “was the year the insolvency dam burst,” said Christina Fitzgerald, the president of R3, the insolvency and restructuring trade body. Insolvencies peaked in the fourth quarter, underscoring the compounding pressures on companies grappling with surging costs and rapidly slowing economic activity…

Stagflation is gradually settling in across the continent. With energy prices still high (though not as high as feared some months ago), the specter of deindustrialization continues to loom over the EU’s industrial powerhouses, Germany and Italy. And the frantic efforts of central banks to bring inflation back under some semblance of control risks triggering not just an economic crash but also a financial one…

As economic conditions deteriorate, life gets harder and harder for Europe’s heavily indebted households and businesses. As I cautioned in late August, Europe’s entirely self-inflicted energy crisis risks tipping legions of small businesses over the edge. In the UK, as just about everywhere else, many small in-person businesses only managed to weather the lockdowns of 2020-21 by taking on huge amounts of debt…

Just as importantly, as I note in my book Scanned, “small businesses are the cornerstone of local communities, providing basic products and services, creating jobs, allowing local economies to flourish, and providing spaces and places for people to meet and engage with each other.” A world without them will be a much poorer one. It will also be a world even more dominated and controlled by corporations.

And a few of the comments–

Anon: Same/same for US of A by 2H ’23.  Zombie companies that locked in low rates a couple of years ago have seen interest go to 14%…that they can no longer afford to pay.  Watch for the coming Corporate Debt Bomb.  Even the ratings agencies see it coming this time.

Right: God is just.

Divine Justice is always applied to Mankind, to every tribe.

The British scum have exploited continents for centuries.

Now..they are about to die.

No empire that exploits others will ever be allowed by God to exist forever.

Same fate awaits the Americans.

They are delusional if they think they will not pay for the millions of souls killed in Vietnam and Iraq.

Those souls are witnesses of the crimes committed by the American people. Those souls are screaming to God and asking for Justice.

Time’s up soon for you filthy Anglo-American scum!

Nosey: Many small businesses are run by boomers, millennials and younger can’r really deal with the responsibility and 24/7 commitment that is required. These boomers have had enough and can’t really face another recession, knowing that they’ll be 75 or 80 once the good times come back, so are just taking all the money out the business and letting it go in to liquidation, then swanning of in to the sunset to retire.

Desert: will be a lot easier to roll out a cbdc through corporate crony companies.

they need small businesses gone. 

Hong: Yep.   “world even more dominated and controlled by corporations” is the plan.

Fascists with Antifa as their front-line troops.

Taylor: Tens of thousands of small businesses going bankrupt, and their analysis is that there’s a “labor shortage” and the solution is to import more cheap labor, from un-assimilateable 3rd world pestholes? 

This is as bad as the US jobs reports… just so much lying and cognitive dissonance. 

JNS: Clearly, we are headed for a ‘company store’ future. Any business, small business, Mom and Pop landlords, small eateries, etc. have been marked to fail! In their place will be those ‘too big to fail’ monopolies who supply everything you consume, regulate what you can consume, and will set the price for everything! 

Nel: Learn to code, change your business model to government funded hotels for illegal immigrants, rehabilitation for young heart attack victims.

Thet: So sanctioning the biggest source of fuel, and commodities didn’t help?…then throwing a couple billion in war support money should do the trick.

US Must Get Over its ‘Impunity Syndrome’?


Excerpt: Washington shouldn’t expect the world to forget that it fabricated its justification for the 2003 Iraq invasion, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told RIA Novosti on Saturday…

Powell’s UN stunt “has long become the epitome of hypocrisy and the conviction of the US ruling elite in its own impunity and its unchallenged right to arrogantly teach the rest of the world,” Ryabkov stated. He added that it was also emblematic of Washington’s willingness to “use force against an obviously weaker opponent in order to preserve its own global hegemony.”

However, the diplomat suggested that – unlike in the 2000s and during the 1999 NATO bombing campaign of Yugoslavia – Washington could not get away with “international banditry” under current conditions…

The US should not cherish any hope that “the memories of what happened 20 years ago would be buried in the shifting sands of modern history,” he concluded.

And a few of the reactions–

Fried: Impunity is the air-gap between the condemned’ s hooves and the ground. It comes and goes.

TBTB: The US thinks this world is the Wild West and they are the sherif. They impose their ‘rule-based’ world order on weaker countries by sanctions, wars, regime changes and other subversive schemes. It has grossly miscalculated with Russia and China. Even India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others no longer blindly follow the US diktat. Only Europe became more submissive.

MotherLand: Hey Colin…where are the evidence of WMD in your justification to invade Iraq and have hundred of thousand innocent lives killed ? The world is still waiting for your evidences.

*** He’s dead. ***

Father: To be prepared for what comes everyone should be aware of “the secret destiny of America”. Out of the ashes they think the new world will arise, like a Phoenix. 

Peace: The message is consistent: Republicans: “WE rule America. WE are invincible”. U.S.: “WE rule the world. WE are invincible”. It’s a delusion that’s been floating around the U.S. since 20 guys blew up their buildings. It’s obviously the case of a tired old man flexing his worn out muscles.

Vik: They let the Black guy do the dirty job for them. As always.

Peace: No, the unlike the white guys, this black guy had credibility — which is what those conmen needed to sell their war. Powell regrets being deceived and used like that. BUT, it was also his own fault: In his speech he claimed a building was used to build nuclear weapons (“We KNOW what’s in that building from our satellites”). But an hour later the UN Inspectors called bull to his claim: “We were recently in that building. It’s empty”. Powell never even responded to his claims being debunked so quickly and publicly. But that’s part of the Republican credo: “Never admit fault. Never apologize. Just double down”.

F: The collective west has a tried and tested way of attacking anyone who points out its gross hypocrisy. ‘Whataboutism!’, they cry.

Tony: Why doesn’t Washington fabricate the justification needed to invade Russia, then? NOT SO BRAVE THERE, HON!

Wald: Imagine having USA government as your friend, tells you a lot about Europe. I really feel sorry for the average American, they are run by gangstas.

One: When is the Russo-Chinese banking system going to see the light? Until countries can feel safe from US sanctions, the US will continue screwing the world with impunity.

Lada: United States is the cancer, the most dangerous threat to countries on earth. This cancer thrives on lies, cheats, blood & wars in other countries. This cancer has destroyed hundred countries, killed tens of millions innocent people on earth. Washington is the lair of liars, brainwashers, propagandists, coup organisers, terrorists, mafias, assassins, war mongers, fascists, nazis, dictators, war criminals … Law of cause & effect states that for every cause, there is an effect. The US the cancer will have to pay for the crimes it committed against the humanity.

Father: Those in charge think it is American destiny to bring about the one world government. What they are prepared to do is going to shock the world. The deception of 20 years ago was nothing compared to what is coming.

*** I’m pretty sure the “prophetic plan for world domination” is not for the U.S.A. to rule the world. ***

Sonny: AMERICA has committed crimes against other countries thinking itself above the law. This criminal behavior cannot be tolerated any longer!.

El: Kill the dollar and USA will become a shadow of its past.

And until the dollar is dead, USA will not respect any country, big or small.

*** I don’t think the dollar is going anywhere. Could be wrong. ***

Felix: The truth is nuclear weapons are saving the USA from annihilation for its stupidity.

Zeta: It is wonderful to see how Russia on the worldstage has morally and ethically become the superior of america which is in foreign politics stuck in a historical spasm of violence, manipulation and oppression. Yes, history records and is unbiased in the process. One need only wait patiently and recognise the recurring pattern.

Captain: It was beaten in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Syria.
US simply doesn’t see problems in these beatings.
The only way US can be put into its borders is removing the role of world’s currency from US dollar or any of its replacements.

Shor: The US is shameless and shameful all at the same time…. Filled with heartless liars and megalomaniacs. How the world tolerated its antics till this time is not easy to understand.

Zimmy: A couple of days ago I mentioned the war in Iraq to some people and they thought I meant the one in 1993. Seems like the conflict in Ukraine is succesfully being used to replace the memory of the War on/of Terror by the US. Perhaps this contributes to their motives of having the SMO escalate to a full blown-out war, as Americans seem obsessed with their image (in lieu of actual responsibility or accountability).

Sh: More and more Americans – like myself – are waking up and realizing that we are not who / what we thought. Most US citizens have believed our leaders were mostly honest and trustworthy and media were free, fair, and faithful to the truth. We were such idiots.

Mz: Americans don’t care about what the world thinks of their criminality, otherwise they’d have long stopped.

Russia Wants ‘Revenge’?


Excerpt: Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has claimed that Russia wants “revenge” and is preparing for a major offensive in late February or early spring. Speaking after a meeting with visiting EU officials on Friday, Zelensky said Kiev was already preparing for the blow.

“We think there will be increased pressure in the east,” said the Ukrainian leader. “Russia wants revenge in the exact place where it previously failed. It wants to take the east,” he added, referring to areas east of Kharkov where Ukrainian troops advanced in the fall…

Ukrainians need to remember the “motivation and spirit” from the start of the conflict, Zelensky added, noting that some parts of the country feel like they’re “on vacation” instead of at war.

And some of the reactions–

Richard: Zelensky is already addicted to the war and the attention which he is getting from the western media. Now he won’t even listen to his people who advise him to stop the war because of the fame and notoriety which he is getting from the western media and especially from some of the Hollywood donkeys who wanted to hand over their Oscars to him. He don’t care that the Ukrainian soldiers are freezing in their boots while he is comfortable in his palace.

RichInTheUSA: This punk Zelensky has the nerve to say: “some parts of the country feel like they’re on vacation instead of at war.” Ha ha ha! He failed to mention his recent vacation to Tel Aviv SOUTH, which is Miami, Florida! I can’t WAIT until they finally get that punk Zelensky on the stand at the war crimes tribunal after all this is wrapped up.

Micko: The sad reality is that Zelensky sold the Ukraine to Black rock and Goldman Sachs, all of that will pay ordinary Ukrainian people as a new age slaves for generations. That is the result of Zelensky and his friends in and out in the West. Unfortunately for ordinary Ukrainian people, they played stupid game and won a stupid prize, Zelenky and his friends will live in the West when all of this get over.

the: it’s not revenge it’s the justified defense of ethnic Russians against the atrocities of neonazis and zionists as well as to bring justice to you a war criminal.

Johnson: Looks like Zelenskyy preparing for the role as sore loser and practice on the blame game speech. Macabre to see NATO and Zelenskyy continue this war and want to hold Bakhmut regardless of costs to wait for the next drip-feed of obsolete NATO weapons. Zelenskyy purge on the SYSTEMIC corruption in Ukraine comes far too late. No doubt that all the weapons embezzled and sold to the Middle East/Africa/Organizes crime could have made a difference if they have been used in Ukraine.

NATO has proven to be a bureaucratic and incompetent organization, with no overview of their own stocks of weapons and ammo. NATO is out of weapons and ammo and has to crawl on their knees and beg the military industrial complex to manufacture more, to ramp up production will take years.

All Russia have been asking for eight years was for Ukraine to respect the Minsk agreements and kindly abstain from shelling Donbass.

Richard: Why would Russia not want revenge for the slaughter of innocent Russian living in Ukraine. Since the separation of Ukraine from Russia, Ukraine has been attempting to rid itself and/or eliminate all Russians living in Ukraine simply because they are on Ukrainian soil and are not pure Ukrainian stock ( Germany’s Pure Race Syndrome ) Same treatment given to the 5 million Polish people that occupied the polish land annexed to Ukraine by the Germans at the end of WWII in recognition of services rendered. At least Russia is attempting to save these people from certain elimination.

Maxim: Negotiated solution? Negotiate with whom? Western elites have proven that their word means absolutely nothing. Written agreements – likewise. They simply tear them up as soon as they stop being convenient. I’m not even mentioning the muppet regime in Kiev. So what is the point of negotiating with any of them? Expressing willingness to negotiate in this environment is simply perceived as weakness and accomplishes nothing except more violence from the so called ‘partners’. This is a war – and statements need to be made on the battlefield!

What is this ukraine fighting for? Their freedom? Nope – Minsk agreements called for nothing more than letting Russian people in the Donbass speak their own native language – something most people in the world take for granted. This Ukrainian nationalist regime, which gained power in a coup against a democratically elected government, is fighting for it’s right to demean and oppress others. They are openly attempting to eradicate Russian culture in ukraine. They deserve everything they are getting. All Russian-speaking areas of ukriane should be separated by military force, and allowed to determine their own future, regardless of what others in NATO think.