Harpazo: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church by Jacob Prasch

We have warned repeatedly that most of the deceptions and lies of Satan aimed at the true Church and at Christians today are designed to seduce us into trusting in this life. This is what underlies Dominionism and Kingdom Now Theology with its radical views of Preterism and Reconstructionism as well as errors of Post-Millennialism. It is also what drives the philosophy of Word-Faith money preaching as propagated by the notorious televangelists who prostitute the Word of God to line their own pockets.
We are warned by Paul in 2 Timothy that in the Last Days, wanting to have their ears tickled, there will be people even in the Church accumulating such teachers in accordance with their own desires and refusing to endure sound doctrine. (2 Ti. 4: 3) We are told that these seducers are able to gain popularity simply because there is a market for their product in a church that is worldly-minded. This accounts for the proliferation of a host of figures who distort the Word of God and twist it into a formula to make Christians affluent, when in fact the ones becoming affluent are usually themselves misusing Christianity the way a con-artist will use get-rich-quick schemes such as pyramid and Ponzi programs wrapped in hype-artistry and marketing to the greedy. Taken to extremes, this virtually becomes mammon worship, but more seriously, because the Antichrist will impart seducers as well, the Apostle John warns us to love not the world in his alert that Antichrist is coming. (1 Jn. 2: 15)
We also see global peace plans calling for unity with other religions, etc. to bring in a false peace. Such a range of philosophies in the Church, focused on the temporal, will become so widely propagated that it will only be mainly individuals whose focus is on their personal walk with the Lord and longing for His coming, while the popular programs in church life, even among Evangelicals, are dominated by everything from self-help groups to psychologized doctrine and motivational speaking instead of scriptural exposition. True believers walking earnestly with Jesus will become more isolated. It is Enoch alone who is specified to have walked with God consistently and continually. It is those who walk with God specifically and continually in the Last Days who are not swayed by worldly trends within the Church and within society who will walk as Enoch did and who will be removed as he was removed.