Nazi “National Socialism”


Excerpt from a blogpost I shared over one and a half years ago… Richard Terrell’s book, if you can find it, is worth reading…

National Socialism was the most cleverly conceived and executed spiritual deception in history, playing upon religious images and even Christian terminology, while in reality serving a Satanic agenda. Churches today do not realize the dangers of their all-too-frequent practice of courtesy toward all ideas and positions and their easy tolerance of even the most outrageous theological “innovations.” Experience is a warning.The task of interpreting the faith must never be confused with redefining it. The premise of all too many German intellectuals and theologians was that the modern age must dictate the content and meaning of Christian faith, and that if doctrines of the historic faith were inconvenient to modern consciousness they must be thrown out. – Richard Terrell, Christ, Faith, and the Holocaust

Source: No Man Comes to the Father but by Me