Nazi “Courageous Fighting and Extraordinary Leadership”


Continuing with warnings from Germany history of how professing Christian people can be caught up in occult lies… This is from a blogpost over a year and a half ago…

“In this staunchly Christian spirit we also now participate wholeheartedly in the great struggle of our people for the protection of their life and importance in the world. With admiration we look upon our army, which in courageous fighting under extraordinary leadership has achieved and continues to achieve unparalleled success. We thank God for his support. Especially as Christians we are determined to rally all our strength so that the final victory will be secured for our fatherland. Especially as believing Christians, inspired by God’s love, we faithfully stand behind our Führer who with firm hands guides the fortunes of our people.” – Bishop Kaller of Ermland, Jan 1941

Source: The Father Has Not Left Me Alone