Nazi “Saviors”


The masses in Germany idolized Hitler the same way people today idolize their favorite television/internet “celebrity” false teacher (Joseph Prince, Bill Johnson, Todd White, etc.).  These types of men, like Hitler, are obessed with their public image and blantantly practice witchcraft, and people still buy into and admire their sorceries…

“The atmosphere has become revolutionary—apocalyptic. Not only money—but all standards have lost their value. Saviors have appeared everywhere, declaring that they have been sent by God to save the world.” – author Sebastian Haffner, speaking of the atmosphere of Germany following the First World War

“Suddenly Adolf Hitler appears… He goes to each man, shaking his hand. There are things one cannot explain, cannot describe. I never stop thinking about him. Sometimes, he meets us in our dreams.” –Franz Buchner, Nazi Party member

Source: Before Abraham Was, I AM