An Invisible Army of Slaves


Freemasonry, NAR, Word-of-Faith, they are all satanic cults.  These groups are going to usher in the Antichrist, all in the name of their false “jesus.”  It’s the great apostasy of our time… NAR folks don’t even try to hide their false teaching anymore.  They post their lies about God all over the internet, and their brain-washed slaves eat it up.  Part of the problem is they target vulnerable children with their lies.  Their “gospel” is one of man-made rules, doctrines, and theology, which blatantly exalt themselves against the Word of Truth. 

I knew what it was like to have my mind filled with the scalding hot fog of the “brilliance” of Lucifer. I experienced “more light” in Masonry with a vengeance! I knew the feeling of being linked mentally into a vast spider web of communications, and being part of an invisible army of slaves almost totally at the command of the Deceiver himself.

Along the way, I did meet a couple of other “pilgrims” who were deeply involved in esoteric Masonry, but most Masons were blissfully in the dark about the “light” they had. That is where their leaders want them. They didn’t even know the secret they were guarding so carefully. Like workers in a classified project, they were only allowed to know as much as they needed to know to work in the system. These poor men, many of whom were church-goers, were ignorant of the big picture, and would be appalled to learn the truth concealed behind the layers of allegory. We are going to lift the veil off this “sanctuary” and expose the darkness of Freemasonry’s light! – William Schnoebelen, Masonry: Beyond the Light

Source: The Prophet Declares the Return For Pride