Scoundrels Will Not Be Respected


I greatly anticipate the Return of Christ, but until then, we know from Scripture that the spiritual condition of humanity will wax worse and worse… The New Apostolic Reformation is apostate to the core and shipwrecking the faith of many, which is heartbreaking for those deceived by it, especially the children whom are abused from birth and know nothing different than perverted hybrid spiritually masquerading as a “new move of God.” 

However, I have no sympathy for the leaders of this deception or manipulators and henchmen who prop up these men and women as “ascended masters.” These have chosen for themselves to follow the broad path of human pride in their leaders’ “greatness” and their own “destiny for greatness” which they believe will surely follow their drone-like submission and blind faith in proven liars.  Along with a false cosmic “jesus” and bastardized religion of man based on witchcraft, these folks try their darnest to maneuver and manipulate people under the control of their great guru “apostle or prophet.”  The level of brain-washing is so stunning that some of these folks will deny actual pictures and internet posts from their “gurus” social media pages as legitimate evidence of what their “guru” engages in and believes.

And remember, whenever one of these NAR leaders try to play themselves off as “martyrs,” it was one of their own– Rick Joyner– who wrote a book several years ago called “The Final Quest” which was about his great “heavenly vision” of a civil war between those who line up behind the “New Apostles and Prophets” those who stand on the sure Foundation of Biblical Christianity, which the NAR demeans as “dead religion.” 

And also remember, it’s been the NAR folks who have invaded and ruined churches for decades.  It hasn’t been the Baptists sending out their folks to infiltrate other churches– or the Calvinists or the Pentecostals… It’s been the Charismatic “Apostle and Prophet” folks, as well as the Word of Faith folks to some degree…

The Charismatics are the militant “Joel’s Army” and “Seven Mountain Dominionists”  who lash out at people who do not follow them with accusations of “demons” and “spirits.”   They are the ones hell-bent on militancy to “take ground” for their “kingdom” of apostles and prophets.   They are the ones who presume to have the mandate to “change the face of Christianity” by infiltrating churches not their own. 

The Charismatics are the ones sending people out to the streets, not to proclaim the Gospel, but to stalk prey in order to “impart” to others the strange, unbiblical manifestations they exhibit and conduct fake healings like the “leg-growing trick.”  In fact, it’s the Charismatics who are responsible for just about every new, extra-Biblical doctrine that has infected the church in the past 30 years (Word of Faith, Heavy Shepherding, NAR, 7 Mountain Mandate, Bridal Paradigm, Holy Laughter, Animal Manifestations, Grave-Soaking, Pyramid Schemes, getting “Wacked,” Seed Faith money-drives, “Little Gods,” Sinner Jesus who died spiritually and was tortured in hell, “Tokin’ the Ghost,” Sozo “inner healing,” and on and on).

And now, a brief excerpt from a blogpost six months ago…

In that day ungodly fools will not be heroes. Scoundrels will not be respected. 6 For fools speak foolishness and make evil plans. They practice ungodliness and spread false teachings about the Lord. They deprive the hungry of food and give no water to the thirsty. 7 The smooth tricks of scoundrels are evil. They plot crooked schemes. They lie to convict the poor, even when the cause of the poor is just. 8 But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity (Isaiah 32:5-8 NLT).

Those who are spiritually hungry are not fed, and those who are spiritually thirsty do not have their thirst sated. The “smooth tricks” of false teachers, prophets, apostles, are evil. They impoverish and destroy the seekers with lying words.

Source: The Prophet Repeats the Warning not to turn to Egypt