“Normalizing Polyamory”


Excerpt:  We’re not going to stop this, but we can prepare our kids for a world where everything has melted down. This is the world we’re fast approaching. You can sit there and think that it’s not going to affect you and your kids, or you and your church. You’re wrong. You are very, very wrong.

Last night I got into a Twitter argument with a couple of Catholic guys who don’t understand why I write about everything as if it’s a crisis. My answer is that because we really are in a social meltdown, from a morally and theologically conservative Christian position. Things are falling apart rapidly, with the leading institutions in our society having embraced the collapse, and advocating for it as progress. Like Flannery O’Connor said, “To the hard of hearing, you shout.”

Normalizing Polyamory

I especially appreciate Rod Dreher’s use of a Flannery O’Connor quote, since O’Connor’s genre was Existential- “Theater of the Absurd”.  Quite fitting.

Here are some comments on the article that I found interesting:

Dave G: Few movements in human history have had the suffering and death associated with them that the modern sexual revolution has yielded. Sure, the official scientific explanation for the explosion of AIDS in the 1970s and 80s is ‘Gee, that’s odd’. But sane minds know better. 36 million dead worldwide. In America alone, over a million – more than all the deaths from all wars in American history combined – to AIDS. Almost as many continue to die of HIV/AIDS as are murdered by guns every year in America alone. Worldwide it’s still around a million dead per year. And contrary to what we tell ourselves, it doesn’t have to happen and we damn well know it.

This doesn’t count the accompanying push to normalize recreational drugs and the millions of lives lost to that which is wrapped up in the sex and drugs culture. Nor does it count the millions being hit by a variety of STDs, many of which are spiking in cases. And we won’t get into the necessity for a robust abortion culture as a birth control safety net, and the subsequent downplaying of the notion of life’s sanctity, the social burden of broken homes, and the accompanying mental and emotional health problems that often arise from the pursuit of these sexual lifestyles gone sour.

All in all, few things in history have been tried by human beings that have yielded such clear and obvious disastrous results. And yet, it took the most educated generations in history to look at the results, shrug, and keep on going strong in the same direction. It’s almost as if we are the era of history that once and for all proved that an education is *not* all you need.

Khalid Mir: Rod, just a small request: please write something positive and uplifting. No offence my friend, but I can’t take much more of reading this kind of nonsense.

Jerry: I completely get your frustration, Rod. That’s kind of the way I feel about conservatives who, in the face of the accelerating collapse of Western civilization and the Christian moral code that underlay it, as manifested in your story above and a hundred others you’ve reported in just the last several months, continue to mistake the clown in the White House for some sort of grave equivalent threat rather than the sideshow that he is.

Alcuin: Given that half of all marriages fail, attempts at long-term polyamory can be expected to fail more readily. Poly participants may wish away moral or social standards as outdated constructs, but not so the mathematics of complexity.

A married couple has one relationship to navigate, challenge enough given fallen human nature. There’s a reason the Sacrament of Matrimony imparts graces to the couple; they’re going to need them.

The article’s ‘Closed Quad’ has six relationships to navigate among its members. Good luck with that.

Bill Daytona: The fundamental problem with liquid modernity is that it dissolves itself, and sows the seeds of its own destruction. If gays can marry, then there’s no such thing as marriage. If gender is fluid, then there’s no independent concept of gender; it’s gone. If gender doesn’t matter, why does number?

These poly-amorous relationships will be rare. What won’t be rare is older wealthy men marrying multiple women, and driving out younger men who are competitors. Then you get pagan patriarchy and feral hordes of young men, so crime and terrorism.

That’s what’s coming after liquid modernity. Patriarchy is its most awful form.

I don’t know what happens after that.