Excerpt: Why is weakness a strength? Why do we inherently root for the underdog? Something about the little guy overcoming the odds and defeating the powerful resonates deeply in all of us. There is a moral dilemma to this dynamic, one that plays out in every conflict large and small. Each side always considers itself on the moral high ground. Indeed, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recently criticized the relationship between Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump, claiming that the Israeli government’s consistent moral framework is always “we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys.”

How does morality play into a conflict? Doesn’t it only matter that you kill more of the enemy than he kills of you? Yes and no, and contrasting two conflicts in Israel’s recent history answers both the yes and the no.

How Long Can the Israeli Goliath Last?

A few interesting comments on this article:

Kruska: Israel will last as long as Wash. extorts money from our wages and supports it. Without the US taxpayer, Israel wouldn’t exist, both from its beginning to right now.

Sid Finster: Take away American support and watch all official sympathy for Israel everywhere evaporate.

Thaomos H: I think the lack of sympathy for Israel is not that it s the “Goliath” of this story but that it is allowing settlers to live in the Occupied Territories.