Have We Been Lied To About Afghanistan?


Excerpt: I got so mad that I had to quit reading not long after the paragraph above. We have lost about 2,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, and sustained about 21,000 casualties of war. (Not to mention all the dead innocent Afghan civilians, and the dead and wounded troops of our NATO allies.) We have spent altogether almost $1 trillion on that country. The Afghan officials stole a fortune from us. We never knew what to do there. And every one of our leaders lied about it. Lied! All those brave American soldiers, dead or maimed for life, for a war that our leaders knew that we could not win, but in defense of which they lied.

It’s the Pentagon Papers all over again. You know this, right.

Trump is negotiating now with the Taliban over the possibility of US withdrawal. The story says US officials fought the Post in court over these documents, and have said most recently that publishing them would undermine the administration’s negotiating position. I don’t care. Tell the truth, for once. Let’s cut our losses and go before more Americans die in this lost cause. Poor Afghanistan is going to fall under the tyrannical rule of the mullahs. But if, after 18 years, a trillion dollars, and all those dead and wounded Americans, we couldn’t establish a stable and decent Afghan regime, it’s not going to happen.

If any of my children want to join the US military, I’m going to go to the mat to talk them out of it. I do not want them, or anybody’s sons or daughters, sent overseas to die in hopeless countries in wars that we cannot win, and shouldn’t have fought, but kept doing because of bipartisan Establishment foreign policy delusions.

Our Lying Military, Our Lying Government


Here are a few comments on the latest blog from Rod Dreher:

SidFinster:  The squandering of blood and treasure, fighting a pointless war that benefits nobody but the financiers, contractors, arms manufacturers and generals, all while the politicians and generals proclaim that victory is just at hand, we can’t turn back now, – all this reminds me of nothing so much as a smaller scale WWI.

Tony: Trump wants us out of Afghanistan, but Iran is a different story. He’s sending more troupes to Saudi Arabia to defend the Saudi’s from Iran, how is that disentangling from the ME. I think the Saudi’s Wahhabism, basically the same as ISIS practices, is the most dangerous religion in the word today and they are busy exporting it to the rest of the world. I really think Trump is a false prophet, a lying prophet, who serves first himself.

SidFinster in response to Tony: If Trump wanted us out of Afghanistan (or Syria, or Saudi Arabia, or whatever) he need only give the order.

Loetzen in response to SidFinster: If he did that, they’re remove him from office. That’s what the ongoing Russia, Ukraine, etc. impeachment-of-the-week threats have all been about: toe the party line, or we’ll dump you for someone who will.

Disqus: Didn’t vote for Trump – but: He has attempted to stand up to the elite establishment intelligence-military-arms manufacturing complex and start cutting back the forever wars. Everyone attacks him for this–establishment Republicans, Democrats, State Department, Military, Intelligence, Media–everybody. The attacks are immediate and intense. He is almost always forced to pull back. He seems determined to keep trying, but, as is evident, they will do anything it takes to stop him.

Edward: Could not agree more Rod. And if my nine year old son comes to me in nine years and tells me that he wants to join our military I would tell him that I could not support it.

Paul: I’m not even surprised. We got used as human fodder for the military industrial complex.  Let’s be real: no one cares and nothing will get done about this. It’ll get swept under the rug. And next time, there will be similar “outrage” but no one cares and nothing will get done. That is how DC works. They just fuel the machine with poor kids who are willing to die in order to escape poverty. It was our only way out…. Meh. There is no justice.

CollinReid: This was one of Obama failures as after Bin Laden, he should have claimed victory and left Afghanistan. Unfortunately this is like Vietnam nobody wants to lose a war but Afghanistan is small enough it is under the radar. (In terms of Nixon unpopularity, the Vietnam war did not help during Watergate crisis.)

Frankly, this is what Trump does best. He just simply claim victory, and withdraw the troops and then we let Fox News continue hailing the Chief. Literally that is Trump’s biggest strength!

Adamant: I spent 4 years in the USAF, and I told both my sons if they ever try to enlist I’m going to hit them in the knee with a blunt object so they can’t serve. I’m about 80% sure I’m serious.  There is a mother somewhere in America whose son is going to be the last soldier/marine/sailor/airman to die for this fiasco. Think about her the next time some d*** politician tries to sell you on a war.