Iraq Wants Americans Out


Excerpt: The bottom line, incredible in its irony, is this: the same democracy we once helped create has now ordered us out. The neocons care little about this, of course. They’ve rebranded themselves as clear-eyed realists, with Robert Kagan’s The Jungle Grows Back as their new seminal text. Rather than a land ripe for democratization, they now portray the Middle East as a hotbed of anarchy, which, they sigh, only America can keep at bay. Yet while their calculus has changed, their answer remains always the same: American troops abroad, forever and ever, amen.

Mideast Democracy Update: Iraq Wants Us Out

Here are a few comments on the Matt Purple article that I found interesting:

TZ: It was never the “war in Iraq”. I was an invasion and occupation. Iraq may still be de facto still under occupation. It really is no fun having a retarded person serving as the POTUS.

Clyde: “What they miss is that we long ago became the region’s biggest disruptor.”  Thank you for calling a spade a spade, Mr. Purple.

Begemot: The US doesn’t like to leave. Ask the Japanese and Germans if you have any doubts about that. Besides, a war against Iran would be much more difficult without Iraq as an assembly and staging area.

Blount Four: Yesterday the Iraqi government was our staunch ally, an exemplar of and credit to the desire for democracy that burns in every human breast. Today we are informed by Mike Pompeo, that paragon of integrity and truth-telling, that the very same Iraqi government turned virtually overnight into a hive of Iranian agents!

How awful is that? How reckless and arrogant of the Iraqis to tell us to leave! Can you imagine the damage to US credibility if we were to pull our troops out of countries just because their duly elected governments told us to?

Sid Finster: Of course, the United States will not leave, even if ordered to do so. After all, we have not left Syria, even though ISIS is gone and the Syrian Parliament had repeatedly told us to be gone.

Still, the decision of the Iraqi government will be useful, if only because it will underscore just how little the United States cares about the people it claims to be rescuing.

Ukraine, are you listening at all?

Fran: Hell no, we won’t go. That is, no one can order us out. We broke it, we bought it, we own it.