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Excerpt: Vaporized from public memory is the fact that Iran, including the leaders now most robustly demonized, played a critical role in organizing the paramilitary militias who defeated ISIS. And if Trump somehow remains aware that occupying Iran with troops—overwhelmingly the sons and daughters of his red state voters—wouldn’t go well, his proposed alternative to occupation of Iran is apparently to commit war crimes against the archaeological legacy of ancient Persia, smashing with drones cultural treasures which are less the property of the Iranian regime than they are of all humanity. Some of his cheerleaders advocate turning Tehran into 1945 Dresden. It is simply obscene.

A Trump Voter’s Lament

Here are a few of the comments on the Scott McConnell article that I found most interesting:

JMWB: As Scott McConnell mentions, it is completely baffling to me why this administration is in thrall to the Wahabist extremists of Saudi Arabia, with their support of world wide terrorist proxys. And Trump wants to sell nuclear technology to the Saudis. What could possibly go wrong?  Regarding Trump being led down the wrong path, I disagree. I believe Trump is so incompetent he brings all the chaos and instability on himself. Not expecting to actually be elected president is no excuse for his dishonorable, immoral and unethical behavior.

MacCheerful: Why is Trump in thrall to very rich tyrants? That’s such a difficult question, hmmm, whatever could it be?

Phil Jester: Trump doesn’t bring chaos on himself out of incompetence … it’s his modus operandi.  Introduce chaos to a situation, turn up the burners so that all parties feel that they need to settle for a reduction in what they previously agreed to or lose everything to the chaos, and then declare victory.  That’s what the “Art of the Deal” was all about – people just didn’t understand they were giving power to someone ready and willing to blow up everything to get what he wants.

Adriana: So Trump has betrayed you.; Join the club. Trump has made a career of shafting anyone who trusted him. Why did you think he’d treat you differently?

Fuow: I miss the days when Republicans with your intelligence and reflective abilities were our political opponents.  This was a good article. It won’t make a bit of difference to Trump supporters, of course, but it might just cause the odd independent and ‘conservative’ here or there to sit down and think.