Excerpt: Mike Pompeo delivered a speech on Iran today at the Hoover Institute in which he repeated his tedious “normal nation” rhetoric… Almost everything that Pompeo cites as proof that Iran does not behave “like a normal nation” is evidence that the Iranian government behaves very much like lots of other states: it pursues regional influence, aligns itself with political forces that share the government’s objectives, and develops military defenses to deter attack for the sake of its own security. Like other states, Iran’s government prizes its independence, and to submit to the demands that the U.S. has made would mean giving up a significant part of that independence. “Behave like a normal nation” is little more than a code for demanding humiliation and surrender, because Iran is the only country being held to this “normal” standard…

Pompeo is essentially saying that Iran should punch far below its own weight, and if they don’t they will be penalized severely. No nation would accept the reduced role that Pompeo demands, especially when the demand comes from the world’s only superpower that behaves more abnormally than any other nation in the world.

The Abnormal Demand to ‘Behave Like a Normal Nation’

It’s no wonder Charismatic Dominionist warmongering freak shows worship the Trump administration.  Like what Trump and other Zionist lackeys consider “normal”… You know, bullying, lying, arrogance, the spirit of murder… Those are all hallmarks of the NAR as well.  Evil, the entire lot of them.  Nothing but ugly death and destruction in their wake…

Now, here are a few of the comments on Daniel Larson’s latest blog that I found most interesting:

FLCottonmouth: “Just behave like a normal nation!” the U.S.A. demands of Iran – as it surrounds that country with military bases, cuts off that country’s economy, and kills that country’s leaders. “American exceptionalism” indeed!

Barlaam: A normal nation? For American policymakers, that would be a nation wholly subordinated to the US, and to its favourite clients, its natural resources under the control of Western corporations, its economic system fully open to speculative flows of Western capital, so that the wealth of the nation can be drained into bank accounts in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, etc.

Mark: Who are we to expect Iran to behave like a “normal nation” when we never admitted that the 1953 coup against Mossadegh was disgraceful.

Majumder:  President Trump is not a man of principle, rather a man (or animal) of

President Trump realizes that, war with Islamic Republic of Iran prior to the 2020 election will cost him the White House.

So, President Trump has backed off militarily striking the Islamic Republic for now.

If re-elected in 2020 — God forbid — America will descend into another Middle Eastern quagmire, because President Trump will behave just like Senator Marcos Rubios would have in the White House.

The historical difference between President Trump and President Dick Nixon is President Richard Milhous Nixon was a man of principles — whether those principles were good or bad is another question altogether however.

President Donald John Trump has no moral or ethical or political principle.