#Propaganda #StopTheWarMongering


Excerpt: The video underscores how cynical and selective the Trump administration’s use of human rights rhetoric is. The current Iranian government is guilty of many human rights abuses, and it is responsible for wrongfully detaining, torturing and killing many of its own citizens. Ignoring the serious abuses that took place under the previous regime doesn’t show respect for the Iranian people or their rights. It undermines legitimate criticism in the present by distorting and misrepresenting the past for ideological reasons. The fact that this propaganda video went out from an official department account shows the extent to which ignorant ideologues are controlling the department’s communications, and it reflects the administration’s shallow and sophomoric understanding of Iran and the country’s history that we have come to expect.

Pompeo’s Revisionist Propaganda

The warmongering Oligarchs are propagandists for perpetual war.  Worshiping any one of them is beyond the pale of good sense… Not to mention, idolatry…