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Excerpt: When it comes to policy, Miller is a fairly consistent voice for restricting immigration, yet what many have described as his desire to undercut fellow immigration hawks has limited his success. By not fighting to fill the administration and the bureaucracy with likeminded allies, Miller has allowed career officials to only casually enforce the executive orders and rules changes he has fought to implement. Some of those accomplishments include the travel ban, refugee reduction, and the public charge rule.

Implementing that agenda hasn’t been smooth sailing, in part because of Miller’s desire to go it alone. The travel ban, known by mainstream media outlets as the “Muslim ban,” was issued very quickly after Trump was sworn into the presidency. Miller’s insistence on haphazardly rushing through the executive order and keeping out key administration officials caused it to be executed terribly. The result was disastrous, protests broke out at airports across the country, and various agencies were left scrambling to deal.

Stephen Miller’s White House Fiefdom

Here are a few of the comments on the Ryan Girdusky article:

Selvar: Stephen Miller creeps me out to be honest. Had he lived in the 20th century, I could see him as a Soviet commissar carrying out the “liquidation” of kulaks on Stalin’s orders. Well, that, or as an SS officer–ironic given his Jewish heritage. Obviously, I am not accusing him of being those things, but he does have that sort of personality type.

Trump likes people who like him, and has a generally warm style of interacting with his supporters. I could picture Trump having a beer with anyone regardless of ethnicity or ideology as long as he felt flattered enough to do so. Miller is the guy I could see killing millions for his ideology in a very cold blooded and ruthless way.

Chuck: He DOES bear more than a passing resemblance to Joseph Goebbels….

Marco01: The media has not ‘manufactured’ an image of Miller as a sinister white nationalist, it’s who he is.  His racist emails are proof positive he is a white supremacist. He emailed links to articles from the notorious white supremacist website VDARE, he recommended the novel The Camp of Saints, a novel that is a favorite of white supremacists for it’s perpetuation the white genocide conspiracy theory. There are videos of racist speeches about Latinos from HS and he was a good friend of white supremacist leader Richard Spencer in college. Miller is a white supremacist, the evidence is conclusive.  Reports from inside the WH said Miller actually enjoyed seeing those pictures of migrant children suffering at the border. I think the guy is a full blown sociopath.

Jordan: If you take kids away from their parents, you are a monster. If you support that policy, you are a monster. End stop.  If you are comfortable with bringing that level of pain and suffering into the world, you are either delusional or a closet psychopath — which certainly fits well with Trump as a human being.  What a disgusting defense of a vile man. Contemptible. Utterly contemptible. You people would send even Jesus Christ himself into a rage.