“Hapless Fear-Mongering” #DescribesItPerfectly


Excerpt: They have promoted dishonest claims about the JCPOA and made unfounded claims about Iran’s so-called “nuclear ambitions” in order to make it seem as if the Iranian government is trying to acquire nuclear weapons. They have done this to justify their hard-line policies and to lay the groundwork for pursuing regime change and war. Every time that someone repeats false claims about a non-existent “nuclear weapons program” in Iran, it creates unnecessary fear and plays into the administration’s hands. The administration is already working overtime to propagandize the public and scare Americans into supporting aggressive and destructive policies against Iran, and no one should be giving them extra help.

The second part of Friedman’s sentence is also quite dangerous, because it encourages his readers to think that the U.S. would somehow be justified in attacking Iran in the unlikely event that they started developing a nuclear weapon. He suggests that an Iranian nuclear weapons program might “necessitate” military action, but any attack on Iran under those circumstances would be illegal and a war of choice just like the invasion of Iraq that Friedman supported almost 17 years ago.

Friedman’s Hapless Fear-mongering

Here are a couple of the comments on the recent Daniel Larson blog:

Taras77: It is difficult to name a more odious shill for Israel war mongering than Friedman but than he does have competition in the NYT staff. NYT is a bugle for Israel.

Donna: Friedman’s readers are the choir, and he’s just singing to them. People who have seen through his fabrications stopped reading him years ago. Friedman will always have his little clique of deluded pseudo-intellectuals, but truly intelligent people don’t waste their time with him.

Mark Thomason: Friedman does it for Israel. It is their line, their constant foreign policy push. The NYT lets him, seems to encourage it, due to its own complex ties to Israel.  The Israel Lobby is behind vast wars, killing, and waste. It has become an endless evil.