Armchair Warmongers


Excerpt: Let’s hope that despite the U.S. strikes in Iraq this month, which found much of Conservative Inc. fleeing back to pro-war battle stations, that veterans and their families remain staunchly supportive of ending endless wars, and not re-committed to fighting them. There has been too much hubristic talk lately from GOP apparatchiks like Sean Hannity and finger-in-the-wind pols like Pete Buttigieg about how American servicemembers are four-square in favor aggressive action against Iran and a continued military presence in the region. We don’t think they’re right.

Yes, Conservative Vets Want Out of Afghanistan, Too

I’ve selected a few comments on the Kelley Beaucar Vlahos article to share:

All Together Now: This is good news. Thanks to these veterans for adding their voices to the millions-strong majority of patriotic Americans who want us out of the Middle East. Politicians like Senators Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio will attack these veterans by calling them traitors and other slimy names, so I hope they stay strong and work with other patriots to get politicians like Cotton and Rubio out of our government.

Connecticut Farmer: One of the reasons I cast a very shaky vote for Trump was his assertion that America should not serve as global policeman and that the troops should come home. I’m still waiting.

Joshua Barlow: Trump was literally asked Unanimously to go by Iraq, and instead of saying alright I wanted to leave anyways he threatened to murder over half a million children and steal all their money to prevent the troops from leaving….