“Deal of the Century”??


Excerpt: The details are vague but it appears that Trump may be planning to announce his “peace deal of the century” for Israel and the Palestinians soon, and has invited Prime Minister Netanyahu and his political rival Benny Gantz to the White House next week. He has not invited Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who would be the other signatory if a “peace deal” would in fact be in the offing.

If he can bolster his Republican hawk base—think Senators Rubio, Cotton, and Graham—during impeachment, all the better.  High profile Democrats are unlikely to make a fuss, either, as many of them are strong supporters of Israel, too. It would be no surprise to see several of them take time from the trial for an audience with Netanyahu when he is here.

Trump was characteristically banal in his comment about the plan Thursday: “It’s a great plan. It’s a plan that really would work,” he told reporters on Air Force One en route to a Republican Party meeting in Florida.

Is Trump Offering West Bank to Bibi In His ‘Deal of the Century’?

I’ve selected a few of the best comments on the latest Kelley Beaucar Vlahos article:

Hooly: The Middle East surely can’t get any worse than it is now? I mean after the Iraq invasion, Syrian Civil War, Libyan regime change, Yemen War, growing Iranian influence, endless Color Revolutions and uprisings, etc, etc, … do you really think a little Israeli land grab (and dispossession of Palestinians) will make things that much worse??

Scottrob: Violence would be the dumbest move on the Palestinians part. The smartest would be to throw in the towel and demand full citizenship. Israel would have a choice: run an Apartheid state or become a totally secular society. Both losers for Israel in their eyes.

Marco01 in response to Scottrob: One flaw in your logic here, the Palestinians are not illegal aliens, it’s the Israeli settlements which are illegal.

Cka2nd in response to Scottrob: Israel is already an apartheid state, if not one quite as blatant as South Africa used to be, and becoming more of one every year. And many Israelis are not only fine with that, but would dearly love to expel all of the Arabs, from both the West Bank and Israel proper.

Woland: Nothing goes too far for Trump. Anyone opposing this so-called deal will have to face accusations of being Israel-haters and antisemites, and whatever the Palestinians do, they’ll remain an ungrateful, violent people who just can’t understand the wise decisions taken for them by their betters in Washington and Jerusalem.

Not that it matters. The EU is toothless, Russia and China don’t care, and Saudi Arabia will somehow find a way to make this benefit whatever scheme they’re currently running. Trump wins, if only because no one knows what the game is anymore.