#BabylonBee #DoctorMario


Excerpt: An Italian doctor has announced a new method for treating coronavirus, but not everyone is a believer. The doctor says he has cured many, many cases of the disease caused by the virus by throwing colored pills at them…

Many are saying the doctor’s claims are based in pseudoscience and that coronavirus doesn’t come in colors like red, blue, and yellow that could be matched up to specific pills. “As far as we can tell, these claims have no basis in reality,” said one Italian health professional. “In fact, the so-called ‘Doctor’ Mario has never received an accredited medical degree, and he seems to spend far more of his time jumping around, collecting coins, and stomping on innocent Goombas than studying medicine.”

“He also tested positive for mushrooms.”


I’ve never been a video game person… But as a teenager, I did love Dr. Mario and Tetris for a short time…