Subjective Experiences


While there will be a remnant that will hold true to the Scriptures, these Bible-believing Christians will be a minority. As has always been the case throughout the history of the body of Christ, persecution and ridicule await those who refuse to accept Kingdom Now and utopian theologies.

As the world prepares for the man of peace, those who hold fast to a biblical view of the end times will be seen as trouble-making oddballs and a menace to society and world government. As the world becomes more and more resentful toward Israel, the view that the church takes the place of Israel, leaving Israel no prophetic significance (replacement theology), will become increasingly accepted within Christianity at large. Those who believe the Book of Revelation predicts an apocalyptic future will be considered a danger to society and the well-being of this new kingdom of God.

The ecumenical nature of the emerging church indicates the process to reunite with Rome has already begun. As many embrace experience-based spirituality through the promotion of contemplative/mystical prayer, what we know right now as the Christian faith (based upon God’s Word) will transform to a faith based on subjective experiences. – Roger Oakland, Faith Undone

Source: Jeremiah 40